It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but let’s be honest, the visions dancing through our heads are still of monster bucks, not sugar plums. Whitetail Freaks like us never really can shake the fever and for that reason it makes sense that the gifts we would like the most are related to our favorite pastime! With that in mind, I thought I’d offer up a few christmas gift suggestions that would be just perfect for the avid whitetail hunter, but also won’t break the bank. Whether you want to forward this along to a family member with a “wink wink”, or get one of these gifts for a fellow hunter, hopefully it’s helpful and gives you a few good ideas!

1. Wicked Tough Hand Saw from Wicked Tree Gear: As you may have seen in my full review written this summer, the Wicked saw truly lives up to its name. No tool was more handy this summer as I prepared for the upcoming season. The saw is incredibly sturdy, sharper than hell and comfortable to use. For $40, this is an incrdibly handy tool that any whitetail hunter will surely be happy to have.

2. Heartland Bowhunter Season 4 Blu-Ray DVD OR Drury Outdoors’ 100% Wild Fair Chase Vol 11: Here are my top two DVD choices for the 2011 Christmas season. Heartland Bowhunter Season 4 was epic, and for the techie hunter with a Blu-ray player, this will be incredible to see in HD. On the other hand, if you’re looking more for pure jaw dropping bucks, go ahead and pick up 100% Wild Fair Chase. I’ve written about it before, but wow, you need to see the story of “Goliath”. This buck will haunt your dreams. That being said, you can’t go wrong with either of these DVDs for yourself or a friend!

3. Princeton Tec Head Lamp: I just started using a head lamp this fall and boy was I missing out. It’s amazing how many things become easier when you have a nice headlamp to illuminate the way. The Princeton Tec lamp I bought this year was only $40, and had a red lens cover that makes the light nearly impercetible to deer and keeps you from losing your night vision. I used my lamp to walk to and from my stand, set up camera gear in the tree in the dark, blood trail and many other things. All while still being able to use my hands. It’s a simple, but incredibly useful gift.

4. Bone Collector – The Brotherhood Album: There’s no better album of music for a hunter than the Bone Collector collection. Over the past two years I’ve jammed to this cd quite often and have yet to tire of songs like “Buck Fever”, “Opening Day” and “My Baby Looks Good in Camouflage”! It’s catchy and full of hunting related songs that are just plain fun to listen to, especially on the way to deer camp. Can’t go wrong with this one for around $10.

5. Bowhunting Whitetails The Eberhart Way: If you’re looking to learn about bowhunting whitetails, especially those who are in high pressure areas, this is the resource for you. I’ve long praised the works of John Eberhart and his son Chris, and they’ve once again produced a terrific book filled with lessons to be learned. I received a previous book of theirs for Christmas several years ago and it was one of my favorite gifts of the year. This newest installment will be a great gift this year for sure. Look for my full review of this book soon.