By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday Wired To Hunt Nation! We know that your last minute hunting to-do lists are filling up quickly, but if you have a little free time this weekend, some high quality whitetail reading would probably do you well. And today we’ve got a good handful of big deer blog posts from the world wide web for your reading pleasure. Enjoy – and if you don’t have a lot else on your to-do list, you might want to check out our post from earlier this week highlighting 3 whitetail tasks you need to take care of in August!

Bowhunting Tips: When to Use a Ground Blind – Big Buck Zone: Some helpful tips on when and how to properly use a ground blind while bowhunting for whitetails.

Bowhunting Practice on Live Animals – Sole Adventure: W2H contributor Mark Huelsing discusses a recent recommendation by a respected archery expert to “practice on live animals” with your bow – it’s an interesting idea but possibly concerning as well.

51 Best Deer Hunting Websites You Should Know And Use – Outdoor Freaks: The Outdoor Freaks blog put together a list of the top deer hunting related sites and there are some great recommendations included. Not to mention Wired To Hunt is also included!

Fall Food Plots Could Be Crucial This Year – North American Whitetail: With the horrific drought we’ve seen this summer, worries are running high about the status of normal whitetail food sources such as acorns, agricultural crops and the like. With that being said, fall food plots may be more important than ever this year.

Bowhunting: How to Find Your Bow’s Maximum Effective Range – Big Buck Zone: Great walk through of how to clearly understand your maximum range with your bow. Figure this out now, rather than on the fly while hunting this fall!