By Mark Kenyon

Now that summer is in full gear, I know many of you are getting an itchy trigger finger. I know I am! That said, today we’re bringing back one of our favorite Wired To Hunt traditions, Shoot or Don’t Shoot. Take a look at the photos below and read about the scenario. Then decide whether you would choose to pull the trigger or not

Alright, so today’s Shoot or Don’t Shoot buck hails from Southern Ohio. This buck was photographed on one of the properties I hunted down there in 2011. This was about a 200 acre farm, with a good mix of ag and rolling timber. I came in to hunt the first weekend of the season in 2011 and when I pulled the camera in late September, this buck was the best of the bunch. Over the years, we’d seen a number of very nice bucks in the area, including a few bigger than this one.


So if you were hunting this property and this guy came strolling out during daylight, what would you do? Shoot or don’t shoot?

Shoot or Don't Shoot?

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