Today on the show we’ve got our first repeat guest, the much requested DIY big buck killer Dan Infalt and we’ll be discussing how to hunt the dreaded  “October Lull”. This episode is packed with great tips that you can apply during mid October and just about any other time of season as well, so kick back and get ready for some serious learning.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– The full scoop on how mine and Dan’s hunts have been going so far in Michigan and Iowa (including Dan’s encounters with a couple giants!), along with some thoughts on current whitetail behavior

– The stories of the two bucks that Dan has already killed this season and a number of tactics that helped him kill these deer

– Infalt’s opinion on whether “The October Lull” is fact or fiction

– Thoughts on what causes the decreased activity that many hunters see in October

– How maple leaves factor into Dan’s October hunting plans

– Dan’s process for scouting out a buck bedding area in the spring, and setting up on it for a fall hunt

– How Dan goes about identifying new buck bedding areas during the season and setting up mid-season

– How wind comes into play when trying to determine where a buck will bed and how you can set up on it

– In what ways bucks use wind when entering and exiting beds

– Why Dan doesn’t hunt mornings during October

– Andrae D’acquisto’s trick for killing big bucks in the morning

– Dan’s thoughts on how moon times can influence deer movement and how you can use it to better plan hunts

– Dan’s in-season scouting tactics

– How many different bedding areas a given buck has, and more insight into buck bedding habits

– What to do if you bump a buck when trying to get set-up near a bedding area

– Tips for pulling off the infamous “Bump & Dump” strategy

– Andrae D’acquisto’s, founder of Lone Wolf Treestands, secret to success

– And much, much more!

Show Notes, Resources, Links:

– As mentioned in the podcast, if you’d like to hear more from Dan, check out his articles and interviews within the Rules of the Rut 2.0 eBooks and Podcasts

– If you’re not already, be sure to join the forums, as there is some great discussions and insight being shared every day

– Also, if you didn’t catch Dan’s first episode on the podcast, you’ll definitely want to give it a listen. Scouting and Hunting Heavily Pressured Whitetails w/Dan Infalt

– If you’d like to see highlights of Dan Johnson’s hunts so far, including that big buck he mentioned in the episode today, visit the Nine Finger Chronicles

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