By Mark Kenyon

Sitka Gear, my hunting clothing of choice, has just launched their brand new line of whitetail gear for 2015 and I’m pretty pumped about it. With that launch they also released this new video showcasing the thought process behind this complete revamp of their whitetail clothing and camo pattern. It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at a gear company and especially exciting if you’re someone potentially interested in trying some Sitka Gear out. But even if you’re not in the market for new gear, this video has got some beautiful production, with gorgeous deer and landscape shots. Fast forward to around 3:35 if you’re not interested in hearing about the gear, and just want the pretty shots and catchy tunes!

For more info about Sitka Gear’s brand new whitetail line, click here.

Whitetail Launch – EVII from Sitka Films on Vimeo.