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Today on the show we’re talking all things fall food plots, and joining us is food plot expert Jon Cooner. (FYI – if you want to skip our rambling and sometimes comical intro, and get right to the food plot info, skip to about 19:00)

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Updates from my first trail camera pull in Ohio and Dan’s newest giant Iowa buck

– An introduction to Jon Cooner and his food plot experience

– The most important things to think about when getting started with food plots

– The importance of a lab soil test

-How should you choose what to plant?

– Greatest misconceptions about food plotting

– How to utilize tiny food plots

– Basic steps to implementing a simple fall food plot

– Are food plots necessary in farm country?

– What types of food plot forages are best in what situations?

– What food plot designs are best

– Why you should rotate your food plot crop

– The biggest mistake food plotters make

Show notes, resources, links:

– For more information about Whitetail Institute and their fall food plot options you can visit

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