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Today on the show we’re going to be chatting with one of the country’s most prolific big buck killers, Adam Hays, and we’re discussing the strategies that have helped him kill three 200″ bucks! Grab a pen and paper folks, this is a good one!

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Who Adam Hays is

– The greatest lesson that Adam has learned over the course of the hunts for his three 200″ bucks

– How deer use the wind in their favor, and how we as hunters need to understand that and how to take advantage of it

– How Adam scouts and locates the biggest bucks and how they use a property

– The importance of being mobile

– How Adam uses the moon to predict increased deer movement

– Why Adam uses the “moon guide”

– Hays’ thoughts on how weather/pressure and other factors impact deer movement

– The importance of being patient and waiting for high quality conditions before diving in to your best hunting spots

– How Adam uses observation stands

– How Hays kills big bucks in October

– Insight into the Bump & Dump tactic

Show notes, resources, links:

– For more information about Adam Hays and his show Team 200, visit

– If you’d like to learn more about the Moon Guide, which Adam uses frequently (and is a co-owner of now) visit

– To learn more about about our podcast sponsor Sitka Gear, visit their website here and check out their new line of whitetail gear for 2015.

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  • Phil

    Adam’s methods seem to overlap with Winke’s. How he plays the wind, movement, and terrain – it all seems to be really similar.

  • Jim Stickles

    Any chance you can put me in touch with Adam? I want to find out where they get the moon overhead/underfoot data for that moon project I’m working on.

  • Jim Stickles

    Nevermind. I just used the “Contact us” page on the MoonGuide website.

  • Mark Kenyon

    Good point Phil, there definitely are some consistencies

  • Travis

    I’ve listened to this one several times. Does Adam say anywhere which moon phase he prefers. Or is it totally on rise/set overhead/underfoot?

  • Mark Kenyon

    Travis – it seems that Adam prefers the overhead/underfoot period

  • Craig

    He’s a salesman to the bitter end, he took it to far when he said ever calm is one of his most contributing factors….sad what money will do to people, to blatantly lie to his fans like that is morally wrong