By Mark Kenyon

Millions and millions of Americans are at this very minute sitting in the elevator, bathroom or office scrolling through their Instagram feed and living vicariously through the far-flung adventures showcased in the photos on their screen. And to be honest, lots of the time I’m doing the same thing. Instagram is a social network focused 100% on photos (and video to a lesser degree) and while any joe-blow can get an account, there’s a lot of really talented people and groups sharing content that’s actually worth my time and yours.

In fact, there is some stunning hunting photography on Instagram if you follow the right people. So that’s what I want to help you with today, by giving you a jump-start on some of the best hunters to follow on the most popular social network of the moment.

Below I’ve compiled a list of 70 of the best Instagram users for you to follow, including celebrity TV hosts, random guys and girls good with a camera, professional photographers, conservation organizations, manufacturers and everything in between. The one thing they all have in common though is this; they’re posting photos on Instagram that you’ll actually want to see. So take a look below, give these folks a follow, and enjoy the view.

Disclaimer: I know there are plenty of other great Instagram accounts that I haven’t mentioned, so if you have any other suggestions, please share them in the comments section! I’d love some new accounts to follow too!

@WiredToHunt: Of course, I couldn’t help but offer a shameless plug for our very own Instagram account! Give it a follow for an inside look at some of my most interesting hunts and experiences in the wild.

@HuntPhotos: Tony Bynum, a Montana photographer of wildlife and hunting related experiences, has one of the best Insta’s out there.

@SitkaGear: If you’re #SickForIt and love beautiful images of all types of hunts, animals, and wild places – this is a great follow.

@StalkingTheSeam: Gorgeous images from hunting and fishing adventures across the West, brought to you by Steven Brutger (author of the terrific Stalking the Seam blog).

@TheNoisyPlume: One of the best instagram accounts out there if you love gorgeous landscapes of the great outdoors, Jillian Lukiwski includes shots of everything from trout, to western bird hunts, mule deer adventures and plenty of general happiness in the wild.

@OutdoorChannelTV: Photo updates from your favorite Outdoor Channel hosts and other general hunt/fish photos.

@StevenRinella: Steven Rinella, author and host of Meateater TV, shares great pics from his hunting and fishing adventures.

@MattWhiteRockhouse: One of the founders of Rockhouse Motion, some of the best filmmakers in the outdoor industry, Matt has great some great hunting and outdoor related pics.

@CapturedCreative: Impressive hunting related photography from Captured Creative, an outdoor media company.

@JohnHafnerPhoto: One of the absolute best photographers in the hunting/fishing world.

@TheQDMA: The official instagram account for the Quality Deer Management Association .

@Kiviok_Hight: Follow this guy if you want a serious case of mountain hunting envy.

@YetiCoolers: Yeti is one of the best companies out there for creating terrific media that’s related to their products, and their instagram is another great example, with tons of great photography that will interest any avid hunter or fisherman.

@GoHunt: The official instagram for, plenty of western hunting related pics here.

@MontanaWild: The Montana Wild team makes some of the best hunting/fishing films on the scene today, and their Insta is packed with more great visuals.

@Outdoor_Life: The official instagram for Outdoor Life magazine, you’ll see great shots from OL staff and readers.

@SportsmanChannel: Updates and photos from Sportsman Channel TV show hosts and lots of “grip and grins”.

@BooneAndCrockettClub: One of the first conservation organizations in the country, the Boone & Crockett club shares photos of various big game, conservation related quotes and more.

@Eric_Mathes: Some awesome shots for the duck hunters in the audience.

@BPointTV: The guys at Breaking Point TV have got a knack for great photos and they share them in this Insta, lots of great whitetail content.

@Cody_Altizer: Once just a through-and-through whitetail nut, Cody Altizer now is a world traveler, filming for Jim Shockey and others across the globe, sharing his adventures through photos in this account.

@Cabelas: The official insta for the mega-retailer, packed with hunt/fish/camp photos.

@SeacatCreative: The instagram account for one of the most talented outdoor media/creative agencies I know of, if you’re looking for some adventure-inciting photos, this ought to do it.

@TrentBusenbark: Some great photos from this Southeast Missouri outdoorsman.

@SMLuchtel: One of the hosts of Heartland Bowhunter TV, Shawn shares some great shots from his hunting adventures across the country.

@Donnie_Vincent: Donnie Vincent has become one of the premier voices for hunters, with incredible films, and on his Insta – incredible imagery.

@RyanKirbyArt: The artist responsible for two of the most impressive Outdoor Life covers I’ve seen yet, Ryan has some tremendous photos and previews of new wildlife paintings.

@MeatEaterTV: More great photos from Steven Rinella and his team.

@BrandonNeitzel: Awesome shots from the whitetail woods and beyond.

@FossMan8: Adam’s film and photo work are some of the best in the hunting world.

@AaronHitchins: And I quote, from the man himself, “From a guy that probably needs to take his sh*t more seriously and really doesn’t post good work very often, but is Canadian and makes it look like life is fun, follow @aaronhitchins.” 

@RealtreeOutdoors: Photo updates from Realtree hunters and other hunting lifestyle photos.

@ClintSchwach: A producer for the Outdoor Channel’s Bone Collector, Clint shares a behind the scenes look at his adventures and lots of great whitetail photos.

@RMEF_official: The official instagram for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, packed with great elk imagery.

@Trophy_pursuit: Lots of great whitetail images from the Trophy Pursuit team, producers of high quality web hunt videos.

@FieldAndStream: The official instagram account for Field & Stream magazine, as you might expect, is complete with terrific photos of hunting and fishing adventures.

@MichaelHunsucker: Another host of Heartland Bowhunter TV, Michael Hunsucker, shares behind the scenes images from his hunts.

@RemiWarren: Host of Apex Predator and all-around mountain hunting extraordinaure, Remi Warren shares great photos from the field.

@Dusty_Image1: Dustin Lutt of Rockhouse Motion is another great photographer worth following.

@JeffLindsey55: Jeff Lindsey, of Drury Outdoors fame and now host of The Lindsey Way, shares photos from his whitetail adventures and beyond.

@MavenBuilt: The official instagram of Maven optics, these guys make great binos and share some terrific photos from the wild to prove it.

@WhitetailFreaksTV: Updates and trophy photos throughout the season from the Whitetail Freaks team.

@StevenDrakePhoto: Follow Steven at your own risk, your bound to be booking a trip to Montana or Alaska if you look at too many of his incredible pics.

@DruryOutdoors: Updates on recent hunts, trophy photos and more from the Drury Outdoors.

@HuntBackcountry: Great imagery from the creator of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast.

@NineFingerChronicles: My Wired To Hunt Podcast co-host, Dan Johnson, shares photos and updates on his latest exploits in the whitetail woods and at the baby-changing station

@JS.Photo: Jeff Simpson’s capturing some of the best whitetail photos you’ll find, and he shares many on his personal Insta account.

@Bowhunting1: The official instagram account for, you’ll find great bowhunting related images and trophy images of their team.

@UAHunt: Images from the Under Armour hunting team.

@MattMccormick05: An incredible photographer, if you enjoy duck hunting or fly fishing, Matt is one guy you’ve got to follow.

@WhitetailProperties: Awesome whitetail photos from the Whitetail Properties TV team

@Jsutherland328: Jon shares some terrific images from his hunts in Kentucky and elsewhere.

@MidwestWhitetailOfficial: Photo updates from the Midwest Whitetail team, which means lots of big bucks.

@FeralFork: Dave Draper of Field & Stream shares some great pics from his adventures in the field and the kitchen.

@TheMountainProject: Awesome hunt photos from the mountain west.

@CameronRHanes: If you’re a Cameron Hanes fan, you can follow his training and hunts on his official instagram account.

@SamSoholt: I don’t know much about Sam other than the fact that he goes to some incredible places and takes incredible photos … Is there anything more you really need to know when following someone on Insta?

@TightLinesandBigTines: Quite simply, lots of great hunting and fishing photos.

@AmandaCaldwell: Amanda shares some gorgeous photography from her hunting and fishing adventures out west.

@GraysonSchaffer: While not primarily focused on hunting images, as a staff writer for Outside magazine, Grayson has accumulated a portfolio of incredible outdoor photography (hunting, fishing, skiing, etc) that’s definitely worth following.

@HuntGatherCook: Hank Shaw, one of my favorite wild game cooking experts, shares images from his kitchen and hunts.

@MountainBucks: Great photos of whitetails taken in mountainous terrain.

@Joe.Sir: Joe Sir, of Hallowed Ground Outdoors, shares some great images from his hunts.

@AntlerGeeks: Photo updates from the Antler Geeks team.

@TheShortSeason: Great shots from The Short Season team, producers of terrific short outdoor films.

@Brady_J_Miller: Brady Miller is the digital content director for, and he shares incredible photos from his western hunt adventures.

@TheTRCP: The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is one of my favorite conservation organizations and on their Insta they share great photos and related updates.

@BenRising204: Ben Rising, of Drury Outdoors, is a prolific big buck hunter – and on his Insta he shares plenty of big buck related photos.

@SoloHntr: Great shots from Tim Burnett, host of Solo Hunter TV.

@MossyOak: Hunting lifestyle photos from the mega-camo brand and sponsored hunters.

@BearArcheryProducts: Some great hunt photos from Bear Archery.