By Spencer Neuharth

The deer hunting community is massive. If you don’t think so, then you’ve probably never wandered onto a top deer hunting forum.

I’ve lost many late night hours scrolling through the threads of these websites. In college, I’d often find myself learning about treestand placement when I should have been learning about calculus, so much so that there might actually be a negative correlation between my time spent on these forums and my time spent on the Dean’s List.

Here are the top three deer hunting forums that robbed me of most of my library hours.

ArcheryTalk Forum

Who Uses It: ArcheryTalk is for hunters who like honest reviews of equipment. The forum is also notorious for archery buyers and sellers, with a giant section of classifieds. If you’re a gear junkie, then this website is for you.

Why It’s Amazing: I’ve bought my arrows, broadheads, rest, sight and quiver on ArcheryTalk. All my items showed up in a timely fashion, with minimal wear and tear, and at a fraction of their original price. If you’re in the market for a new hunting accessory, I can promise you’ll find it here. The only problem is that items sell fast. If something catches your eye that’s a good deal, you need to act quickly… or someone else will.

There’s also plenty of talk about hunting stories and tactics, but be warned, opinions fly free and fast. Forum

Who Uses It: is stationed in the heart of whitetail country of northern Illinois. If you like debating the most intricate details of bowhunting deer, then this is your place.

Why It’s Amazing: Like many other forums, has an annual “deer hunting contest.” None of them match the comradery of this one, though. With members who know each other by name and moderators who actively participate, the atmosphere is fun, yet competitive. The people are knowledgeable, and generally intermediate-professional level, so if you’re looking for a crowd happy to give you thermal scope reviews or an opinion on which crossbow is the best make and model for the year – this is the perfect community for that.

You’re guaranteed to learn new whitetail tactics along the way, too. If not from the forum, then from the guys at the famous web show Bowhunt or Die.

HuntTalk Forum

Who Uses It: The voice of the HuntTalk Forum at is Randy Newberg. It comes as no surprise then that the site is catered to hobbyists who love western hunts, public land and conservation.

Why It’s Amazing: The members of HuntTalk make up the most hardcore community out there. These are the guys who spend years saving up for over-the-counter tags, sleep in their truck, endlessly study maps and get it done on public land.

HuntTalk members are always willing to share their experiences, too. A hunt on an Iowa lease just can’t produce the same stories and pictures as an adventure on Wyoming public land. A little time on this site will have you craving for the mountains, and the resources available will help any deer hunter trying to plan that first trip west.


Other great communities can be found at QDMA, Field & Stream and HuntingNet. The QDMA Forum is king when it comes to discussions on whitetail behavior and food plot management. Field & Steam’s Answer Section is excellent for general questions on a wide range of topics, from shot placement to cooking techniques. And the HuntingNet Forum is where to find solid info on rifle hunting and Southern whitetail states.

– Spencer Neuharth

Editor’s Note: I’d add one more forum to this list for serious whitetail hunters and that’s The Hunting Beast forum. This website/forum is ran by renowned DIY hunter Dan Infalt and is home to one of the most hardcore groups of DIY deer hunters and information you’ll find anywhere. It’s one of the few forums I personally turn to for real deer hunting insight and ideas. – Mark Kenyon