By Josh Hillyard

Well the holidays have passed, and unfortunately, for many of us, so have our deer seasons. However, if you are still out there trying to fill your tag, good luck and safe hunting as your season draws to a close over the next days or weeks. Enjoy this week’s version of our run-down of some of the best deer hunting blog posts from across the web!

How to Kill Late Season Deer – For those of you that are still hunting, author Josh Honeycutt, details a couple of last chance approaches to try to fill your late season tag. The late season can be tough hunting, but as discussed in this article, there might not be a better feeling than wrapping your tag around a buck in the final hours of the season!

A Sportsman’s View of National Monuments – Field & Stream: Some politicians have recently been throwing a fit over the declaration of two new national monuments out west and in the process have tried to rile out public lands users like hunters and anglers. But is there really anything a sportsman should be upset about when it comes to most national monuments?

Zoning In on Indiana Whitetails – North American Whitetail: Indiana is quickly climbing the list of states I would like to hunt. Given the proximity to my home state of Michigan, having friends in the southern portion of the state, and giant bucks like the one in this story, I might be hunting Indiana sooner rather than later.

Life of a Legend: The Tight-Racked Ten – Midwest Whitetail: Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetail had one heck of a 2016 season. In this blog, Bill gives some background and the story of how he killed the buck he dubbed, “The Tight-Racked Ten”! You will be able to see the video of this hunt that is set to air on Monday, January 9th on

Late-Season Deer Report: 3-for3 in South Dakota – OutdoorHub: As the title indicates, author Dave Maas and his hunting party were a perfect 3-for-3 in their late season quests to fill their freezers. You can’t ask for a better ending to your season than that!

South to Alberta: The Story of an Alaskans’ First Whitetail Hunt – Outdoor Life: An Alberta moose hunt took a change in direction and turned into a great first whitetail for Alaskan resident, Tyler Freel.

GOP House Moves Against Public Lands on Its Opening Day – Field & Stream: The latest volley in the battle for our public lands.

New Year’s Resolution Tips for Hunters – Quiver: Some solid advice to help you make and keep your New Year’s resolutions