Today on the show I’m joined by Cody D’Acquisto of Lone Wolf Custom Gear to describe his uniquely aggressive and proactive approach to making his own luck in the whitetail woods. 

Subjects Discussed

  • What’s up with the new Lone Wolf Custom Gear company
  • How Cody describes his personal hunting style
  • What’s more important off-season scouting or in-season scouting?
  • How to actively scout in-season without blowing out your area
  • What specific kinds of sign Cody looks for when going in for a “hang-and-hunt”
  • How Cody pulls off the “bump and dump” tactic on mature bucks
  • Why you shouldn’t “get greedy” when setting up tree stands
  • Thoughts on properly setting up mobile tree stands
  • The importance of not getting too locked into popular hunting “rules”