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Welcome to the best of Wired To Hunt, or as we like to call it – The Vault! We’ve dug through the archives of Wired To Hunt exploring the over 5 years worth of articles we’ve created, to find the best of the best and make them available to you in one place. The Vault. Here you’ll find some of our greatest whitetail pieces from over the years, broken up by categories such as; rut hunting, shed hunting, food plots, trail cameras, late season hunting, venison recipes, gear reviews and much, much more. So dive in to the Wired To Hunt Vault and enjoy!


The Secret To Killing Big Bucks?

4 Average Joes Killing TV Quality Bucks and How They Do It

Profiling Big Buck Serial Killers

Reducing Pressure On Whitetails By Giving Up October Mornings

Hunting Mature Bucks, With The Wind In Their Favor

4 Steps To Your Best Season Ever

5 Tips For Identifying Buck Bedding Areas

Top 20 States for a DIY Whitetail Trip

Hunt Less, Kill More: A Surprising Revelation That Has Changed How I Hunt

Using Zip Ties To Trick Monster Bucks

Genius or Madness? Running To Your Stand

5 Tips For Getting Hunting Permission On Private Land

How To Pull Off the “Bump and Dump” for Monster Bucks

Find Bucks Like You’re Bass Fishing

4 Key Strategies for Public Land Whitetail Hunting

Using Observation Stands When Hunting New Properties

The “Gun Season Sanctuary” Strategy for Growing and Hunting Big Bucks

Kill More Public Land Bucks: Hunting and Scouting Public Cattail Marshes

4 Ways To Ruin Your Season Right Now

Are You Hunting Local or Non-Local Bucks?

Stop Hunting Deer and Start Hunting Big Bucks

3 Reasons Why You Didn’t Kill The Buck Of Your Dreams Last Year

The Great Debate: Hunt Bedding Areas or Keep Them As Sanctuaries


3 Season Saving Reminders About Early Season Calling

Early Season Deer Hunting – Strike When The Iron Is Hot

The Perfect Early Season Stand

3 Factors The Point To A Successful Early Season Ambush

Where Do Those Giant Bucks Of The Summer Go In The Fall?


4 Big Buck Killing Tips To Make Your October Lull Less Dull

3 Tips for October Lull Success

Chris Eberhart On the October Lull


2014 Rut Predictions – A Return To The Typical Early November Rutting Frenzy

Thanksgiving Bucks – The Power of the Late Rut Phases

Understanding the “Peak” of the Rut

4 Tips On What To Do When The Rut Is NOT Rocking

Expert Rut Hunting Advice from Field & Stream’s Scott Bestul (podcast)

4 Tips For Late Rut Success

Hunting The Rut In Extreme High Pressure Areas

Understanding the Difference Between the Hunter’s Rut and the Biological Rut

The Mental Challenge of Hunting The Rut

3 Keys To An All Day Sit

Getting Ready for the Rut: 5 Resources to Help You Prepare

The Pillars of Rut Hunting Success

Announcing the Rules of the 2.0 eBooks and Podcasts


8 Expert Tips for Late Season Deer Hunting

Want To Shoot A Big December Buck? Sleep In

Blueprint For A (Hopefully) Perfect Late Season Hunt

3 Simple Tricks for Staying Warm in the Late Season

Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes In December


Extreme Weather Whitetail Hunting

For Big Buck Success, Capitalize On Cold Fronts

Mark Drury On Timing Weather Fronts and When To Hunt Them

Should You Bowhunt In The Rain? Heck Yes


The Many Benefits of Food Plotting – Beyond The Practical

3 Food Plot Designs That Kill More Deer

Food Plot Tools for the Budget Conscious Whitetail Manager

6 Tips for Food Plotting Success from Don Higgins

Advanced Food Plot Strategies: Using Food Plots To Influence Where Deer Bed

Setting Up Your Property To Minimize Effects of Over-Hunting and Recreational Use

Why I’m Making The Tough Choice To Give Up On A Food Plot

The Top 10 Food Plot Mistakes We Make

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Planting A Food Plot

How Do I Choose What To Plant?

Defining Deer Movement With Habitat Improvements

3 Ways You Can Use A Hand Saw To Kill More Deer

Hinge Cutting To Hold and Hunt Mature Bucks

Brassicas Planted In Spring Can Pay Off  Big In the Fall

Are Food Plots Needed In Farm Country?

4 Easy Steps To A Successful Fall Hunting Plot

3 Projects You Can Start Today With A Chainsaw To Improve Your Hunting This Fall


Everything You Need To Know About Shed Hunting

The Ultimate Shed Hunting Resource

4 Shed Hunting Tips From Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Finding Antlers via North American Whitetail

When Should You Start Shed Hunting?

7 Lessons Learned From My Southern Iowa Shed Hunting Adventure

8 Must-Have Items For Your Next Shed Hunting Trip

5 Small Spots To Find Big Sheds

Training My Dog To Shed Hunt

Training My Dog To Shed Hunt – Year Two 


The 7 Greatest Dangers of Trail Cameras

How Trail Cameras Can Help You Kill Your “Moby Dick”

4 Ways To Spook Less Deer With Your Trail Cameras

The Value of Taking Inventory With Trail Cameras

Using Trail Cameras To Understand Nocturnal Bucks, Daytime Roamers and Who To Hunt

Off-Season Trail Camera Tips 

7 Most Common Trail Camera Mistakes


Improving Archery Accuracy: Try A Longer Stabilizer

Hi, My Name Is Mark and I Have Buck Fever

Off-Season Training For Buck Fever

Improving Archery Accuracy: Practice At 50 Yards

Improving Archery Accuracy: Remove Your Bow Grip

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Archery Accuracy This Spring


Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

Day 1 Of A New Season and Hopes Are High

12 Wilderness and Hunting Quotes That Will Speak To Your Soul

Give Thanks For The Hunt

Why Do We Hunt? Because It Is Natural

Keep On Grinding: The Necessity of Perseverance in the Pursuit of Whitetails

Confessions Of A Whitetail Addict – 30 Sure Signs I Have A Problem

Deer Camp – Healing My Hunter’s Soul

It’s Time For Hunters To Go Green

Deer “Hunting” and Prostitution

Today I’m Quitting My Job For Deer, For You And For A Dream

Understand This – We Hunters Don’t Control Our Own Fate

Hunt Like Your Life Depends On It

The Power of Reflection and How It Can Revolutionize You As A Hunter

A Hunt With No Phone

The Unconfused Purity of Being A Human Predator

You Can’t Guarantee Success (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

Hunters Hunt, Tough Hunters Kill


Venison Pot Roast Recipe For The Rut

Simple, Delicious DIY Jerky Recipe

Summertime Stuffed Venison Burger Recipe

Cranberry Chipotle Pulled Venison Tacos Recipe w/Garlic Cilantro Lime Rice

Finger Lickin’ Good, Country Fried, Venison Steak Sandwich Recipe

Venison Fiesta Burger Recipe

The Ultimate Super Bowl Appetizer: Venison Jalapeno Popper Recipe

Using Preserved Bacon Grease To Make Epic Venison Burgers

Mouth Watering Venison Enchilada Recipe

Apple Cider Venison Stew Recipe

Worlds Best Venison Chili Recipe

Chili Cilantro Venison Steak Recipe

Tips for Introducing Your Friends & Family to Venison

My Girlfriend’s Excellent Venison Pot Roast Recipe

How To Turn Your Kitchen Table Into A Deer Processing Station

How To Grill the H*ll Out of a Venison Steak

Venison Freezer Management With Diaper Boxes

Making The Decision To Butcher Your Own Deer

The Soul Satisfying Joy Of Eating Meat I Put On The Table

The Misguided Fear of “Gamey” Venison and How To Get Over It


Sitka Gear for Whitetail Hunting

Carbon Express Maxima RED Arrows

Bear Archery Motive 7 Bow

Comfort Zone Hunter Hang On Treestand

Ozonics HR-200

Big & J BB2 Supplement and Attractant

Wicked Tough Hand Saw

Lacrosse Aerohead Boots

Sitka Fanatic Jacket & Bibs

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrows

Muddy Safeguard Harness

Trophy Ridge React Sight

Glendel Buck

Stic-N-Pic Trail Camera Mounting System

Wilderness Athlete Products

Trophy Ridge Beacon Quiver

Muddy Hunter Pro Treestand

Bear Archery Anarchy Bow

Muddy Climbing Sticks

SOG Field Pup II Knife


The Top 10 Must Have Resources for Whitetail Addicts

The Ultimate Recommended Reading List For Hunters

5 Whitetail/Habitat Management Books You Should Be Reading

6 Books Every Whitetail Hunter Needs to Read

Book Review: Trophy Terrain Series Volume I – Creeks & Ditches by Bill Winke

Aging and Scoring Bucks On The Hoof DVD

The Whitetail Antler Growth Timeline (with Chronological Photos)

6 Best Magazines for Whitetail Hunters

Book Review: Bowhunting Whitetails the Eberhart Way