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The New Hoyt Maxxis 31

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Looking for a new bow? You better check out this sneak peak of the new Hoyt Maxxis 31 done by Petersen’s Bowhunting Mag. This is Hoyt’s flagship product for 2010 and it looks like a  true deer slayer. Looks freak...

The PSE Bow Madness

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After a lot of  research, long sleepless nights and one doomed bonus paycheck, I have made my decision. I am buying the PSE Bow Madness bow. A reported 326 feet per second IBO speed right off the bat got my...

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Gorilla Eye Treestand Light

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How many of you have gotten turned around when trying to walk to your stand real early in the morning? Well it has certainly happened to me and thats why the Gorilla Eye Treestand Light really caught my eye recently....

Rage Broadheads – Worth The Hype?

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“Shooting a RAGE is like throwing an axe at an animal”- Chuck Adams, World-Class Hunter So whats with all the hype? I feel like everyone and there kid brother is using Rage broadheads these days or atleast talking about them....

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