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Are You Giving Back?

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These long, dark and frigid winter days have a way of making me more reflective than usual and oftentimes those reflections end up being related to my love for the outdoors. As a passionate hunter, wildlife and wild places...

4 Ways To Help Your Struggling Whitetail Herd Now

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Increased predation from coyotes, bears and wolves. Harsh winters. Disease. Habitat loss. Localized over-harvest. The possible reasons are plenty, but the realization is simple. Deer herds, across many parts of the country, have hit a rough patch....

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3 Lessons Hunters Can Learn From John Muir

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If you’re not familiar with John Muir, I’m excited to make this introduction for you – as he is someone that every hunter and lover of wilderness should know. John Muir (1838-1914), among many things, was one...

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