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Have You Got Your Buck?

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The title says it all! I’m curious, of the Wired To Hunt Nation, who all has got a buck down so far this year?! Super simple to answer, just vote in the poll below. I don’t care how lazy you...

Venison Roast Recipe For the Rut!

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It is a beautiful time of year. As evidenced by the fact that I can’t seem to get the smile off my face after seeing four bucks chasing does around in the last two sits. With temps dropping and deer...

Happy Archery Opener!

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It’s the opening day for thousands of bowhunters across the country and to get you all prepared, I thought I would leave you all with some inspirational music! Continuing with tradition, I always listen to Da Turdy Point Buck before...

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Heartland Bowhunter Update!

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I’ve posted a lot about Heartland Bowhunter in the past, but I had to share some new and exciting updates with you all. For those of you not in the know, Heartland Bowhunter is the most stunning viewing experience you...

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