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Singularity of Purpose – Cameron Hanes

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Think you’ve been training hard for this season of hunting? Think again. Watch this video of Cameron Hanes from the Under Armour Outdoors Pro Staff and you will immediately feel inadequate. His training regimen certainly is something to work towards!...

Man VS Deer

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It’s Monday and if you’re like me then you’re dragging just a little bit. So I am here to provide you with a little comic relief. Check out this story of a farmer who trys to rope a deer, feed...

Jimmy Big Time – Dead Down Wind Commercial

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Here’s some comedic relief for ya on this Wednesday Hump day. Here’s a clip originally posted on Whitetail365, of the making of Jimmy Big Time’s Dead Down Wind. Pretty funny stuff. My favorite lines? “A little jimmy squirt in every...

Baby Got Rack – PSE Video

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Well here is your YouTube gem of the day. PSE posted this video back in September and I’m not sure what to say about it. It’s both painful and slightly entertaining. It’s definitely ridiculous…But more importantly what are your thoughts?...

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Drinkin Beer and Wastin Bullets

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Here’s a great new song from Luke Bryan…Although I don’t condone drinking while hunting, this is still a fun song to listen to and any song that talks about sitting on the deer stand is a good one in my...

An Encore for Da Turdy Point Buck

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To celebrate the harvesting of Wisconsin’s  30 point “Lucky” Buck I couldn’t help but once again post my favorite hunting song of all time. “Da Turdy Point Buck.” This brings back great memories of opening day of gun season at...

Escanaba in da Moonlight

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I unfortunately won’t be able to go out deer hunting this weekend, but I will be way up north in Michigan’s Upper Pennisula. I’m heading up to Drummond Island to do some partridge hunting and perch fishing. Should be a great...

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