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Drop – A Shed Hunting Short Film

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As most folks are now right in the middle of their turkey seasons, I thought we might take one last break to celebrate sheds! Our buddies at Heartland Bowhunter put together a real neat video recapping their shed hunting season,...

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Premiere of HeadHunters TV Trailer

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If you’ve been following Wired To Hunt over the last year you’ve probably heard of HeadHunters TV a time or two and I imagine you’ll hear about it quite a few more times in the future. Premiering on The Outdoor...

The Good Ole Days Are Now

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We’ve all heard it, a couple fellas sitting around the wood burning stove or at a smokey bar lamenting about the good ole days of hunting seasons past. The days when ten point bucks stormed out of the swamp and...

2011 New Years Resolutions for W2H

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Although I’m a little late here, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you all, the Wired To Hunt Nation, some new years resolutions I’ve set for Wired To Hunt in 2011. Wired To Hunt is nothing without...

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