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Friday Morning Mashup 2/28/14

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I feel like every Friday recently, I’ve been saying the same things on the Mashup. Too much snow, too cold, blah, blah blah. It’s getting old. But I think, and I hope, the spring isn’t too far...

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Friday Morning Mashup 2/21/14

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The doldrums of winter. The teeth chattering cold. The short, dark days. The ice and snow and wind, and oh by the way, the ice and snow and the wind! It seems it never ends. I struggle...

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Friday Morning Mashup 2/14/14

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Happy Valentines Day! Today is all about love, and if you’re on Wired To Hunt, I’m sure you love whitetails as much as I do. That said, my Valentine’s Day gift to you is more articles about...

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Friday Morning Mashup 2/7/14

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The wind chill outside my window is -15 degrees. Enough said. All I’ll be doing this weekend is hibernating, as has been the case a lot lately. So as we do each Friday, I’ve compiled a list...

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#ShedRally: The World’s Largest Shed Hunt

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Have your backpack, binoculars and hiking boots ready for March 1st, 2014. Courtesy of a neat idea from our friends at Whitetail Properties, the first Saturday of March this year will be the first “Shed Rally”. A...

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Friday Morning Mashup 1/31/14

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It’s the weekend of the big game and many of your minds may be consumed with visions of Broncos, Seahawks, chips, dips and beers dancing about in your head. For me though, it’s still whitetails on my...

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Friday Morning Mashup 1/24/14

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Happy Friday folks! It’s deathly cold outside today here in Michigan, and my wife and I have only one plan for the next three days. Stay warm and get in some good reading. If you’re in a...

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