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Friday Morning Mashup 4/11/14

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Happy Friday folks! It’s been a busy week here over on at the Wired To Hunt homestead. Monday was spent working on a habitat plan up at my northern Michigan hunting camp,  Thursday was shed hunting and...

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Deer “Hunting” and Prostitution

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“It is, of course, self evident that there must be pervert hunters, and even fishermen, just as there are pervert clergymen, or boilermakers. No group is exempt … and we have to watch out for the pervert who deliberately takes...

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Friday Morning Mashup 4/4/14

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For the first time this year, here in Southern Michigan, it finally feels like spring. We’ve had a few days in the 50s, the snow is gone, and rain has been pitter pattering on the roof. Needless...

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Friday Morning Mashup 3/28/14

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“Freezers and grocery stores foster the illusion that life sustains itself without taking other life.” – Richard Nelson Hunters and non-hunters alike are re-discovering the joys and benefits of eating wild game and I’m thrilled. Every day...

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Friday Morning Mashup 3/21/14

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Happy Friday! As you’re reading this, I’m currently hiking the fields and hills of Eastern Iowa along with several members of the Wired To Hunt team, in search of big shed antlers. Hopefully on Monday I’ll have...

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