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Friday Morning Mashup 8/23/13

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By Mark Kenyon: Happy Friday! Since it’s a Friday morning and the weekend is almost here, I thought I’d share a fun story with you. This morning, I wanted to wake up a little early and finish up a few...

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Friday Morning Mashup 8/9/13

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By Mark Kenyon: As I’m sure is the case for many of you, I’m currently scrambling to finish off my final preparations on stands and hunting locations before the season gets too close. I like to leave my hunting areas...

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Friday Morning Mashup 7/19/13

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By Mark Kenyon: Happy Friday Nation! We’ve made it through another week, big velvet bucks are hitting the ag fields, and hunting season is ever so slowly getting closer. Life is good! If you’re dealing with a heat wave similar...

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Friday Morning Mashup 7/12/13

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By Mark Kenyon: As the popular lyric by Luke Bryan goes, “Rain makes corn.” Over the past few weeks though, I’ve also found that “Rain make egyptian wheat”! As  some of you may remember  earlier this summer I planted egyptian wheat...

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Friday Morning Mashup 6/28/13

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 There are few things as enjoyable in life as grilling a venison steak (click here for some venison grilling tricks) on the front porch, sipping a cold beverage, and watching deer feed in the field in front...

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Friday Morning Mashup 6/21/13

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Happy Friday! I have good news – we are almost into just double digit days left until hunting season here in Michigan! My countdown clock shows 101 days until the big hunt begins, and those days will...

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Friday Morning Mashup 6/7/13

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Happy Friday! Another week is in the rear view mirror, and deer season is slowly coming into sight. For that reason, I’m getting pretty excited and I’m betting you are too. Luckily, there’s plenty to do related...

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