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Friday Morning Mashup 5/30/14

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This past weekend it was spraying food plots, hanging no trespassing signs and checking cameras. This weekend it’s brush hogging and hanging more cameras. The work never ends, but I guess that’s part of what I love...

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Friday Morning Mashup 5/23/14

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Happy Friday Nation! Given it’s Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to take a quick moment here to thank all of our veterans and current service men and women for their sacrifice for our country. If it weren’t...

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Friday Morning Mashup 5/16/14

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Happy Friday folks! For those who missed the podcast this week, my trip down to Ohio last weekend was a great success. We got a new stand hung, a trail camera set up, and did a bunch...

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Friday Morning Mashup 5/9/14

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Happy Friday folks! In several hours I’m heading South, down into Ohio, to begin my 2014 work on our hunting property in the southern tier of the state. It’s an exciting time of year as stands get...

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Friday Morning Mashup 5/2/2014

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Another month down, and another month closer to deer season. For me, the month of May is usually a busy one for habitat improvements. I’ve got a lot of spraying and brush hogging to look forward to...

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Friday Morning Mashup 4/25/14

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Last week I kicked off our Friday Morning Mashup by discussing how I was excited to begin the 2014 Michigan turkey season and today I guess I can share with you how I’m a little disappointed that...

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Friday Morning Mashup 4/18/14

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Happy Friday folks! I’ve got to be honest, I feel a little bit scandalous. My mind has been wandering, and some might even say I’m about to cheat on my first love. Yes, turkey season in Michigan...

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