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Ep. 272: Forestry for Deer Hunters

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Today on the show we are talking about forests, how they impact deer and deer hunting, and how we as hunters can influence those forests. And joining us to have this conversation is Matt Ross and Tim Russell of the...

Ep. 270: Strategic Habitat Management with Tom James

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Today on the show I’m joined by Tom James to discuss his thoughtful and strategic approach to managing whitetail habitat for deer and deer hunting. Subjects Discussed Who is Tom James Next level advice for finding/buying quality small hunting properties...

Ep. 269: CWD, Shed Hunting and Western Whitetails

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Today on the show we’re discussing the latest in CWD news, shed hunting plans, and hunting western whitetails from a westerner’s perspective, with special guests Eric Siegfried and Zach Sandau of OnX. Subjects Discussed Zombie deer and a cure for...

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Ep. 267: Bowhunting Urban Deer with Taylor Chamberlin

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Today on the show I’m joined by Taylor Chamberlin to discuss his incredibly unique experiences bowhunting whitetails in the urban areas surrounding Washington DC and the tactics that have led him to be so successful doing that. Subjects Discussed Why...

Ep. 265: Making Your Own Luck with Cody D’Acquisto

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Today on the show I’m joined by Cody D’Acquisto of Lone Wolf Custom Gear to describe his uniquely aggressive and proactive approach to making his own luck in the whitetail woods.  Subjects Discussed What’s up with the new Lone Wolf Custom Gear...

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