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Ep. 280: The Power of Habits for Hunters

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Today on the show Dan and I are talking about the power of habits and other life-structuring processes to better prepare for and enjoy your next hunting season. Subjects Discussed Mother’s Day Montana public land audible Why habits matter for...

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Ep. 276: Iowa Gobblers and Montana Antlers

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Today on the show I’m joined by the one and only Dan Johnson for a fun discussion about the Iowa turkey season, my Montana public land scouting and shed hunting trip, and two new deer hunting methodologies we’re developing. Subjects...

Ep. 274:Turkey Hunting Roundtable

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Today on the show I’m joined by Ben O’Brien, Tony Peterson and Spencer Neuharth to debate all things turkey hunting – including calling advice, decoy set-ups, weather impacts and more. Subjects Discussed What’s the story on Ben O’Brien’s turkey tour...

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