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Weekly Rut Report 11/19-11/26

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The new rut report from Larry Weishuhn (Mr. Whitetail) is up on Versus Country today. The word seems to be pretty good across the country as rutting action is pretty strong. Some common complaints seem to exist as well though,...

Book Review: 2010 Deer Hunter’s Almanac

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Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for that deer hunter on your Christmas list? Read on to find out more about an affordable, information packed, stocking sized paperback that will make any deer hunter as happy as a kid who...

When is Your State’s Firearm Season?

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Firearm season is quickly approaching in Michigan, as approximately 800,000 MI hunters are grabbing their blaze orange and heading for the woods this weekend. This Sunday, November 15, will mark the beginning of the 2009 MI Firearm deer hunting season...

ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Camera

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Can’t get the day off of work but you still want to watch some deer feeding over the corn? Well you’re in luck and you have the ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Camera to thank! The folks at ESPN have set up...

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Weekly Rut Report

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I’ve found two different places keeping track of the weekly rut report. On Versus Country’s website they have a map and comments from across the country to help you keep track of the rut. Over on Whitetail365, Scott Bestul has...

Heartland Bowhunter

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Wow. I just ran across a new hunting show called Heartland Bowhunter and it is gorgeous. The above video is the trailer for the second season. It looks like it’s filmed completely in HD and it makes a huge difference....

Deer Hunting Basics

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I recently ran across a really great post on another hunting website, Deer Fever. It brought up the point that so many hunters out there are just beginning to get into this great sport and a lot of us deer...

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