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Deer Drives – Good or Bad?

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By Dan Infalt During gun deer season a lot of deer get killed by hunters doing drives. As most folks know, drives are when hunters gather in groups and surround bedding areas and push deer out into the open for...

Quarterbacks and Hunters

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By Dan Infalt Lets talk football for a minute, but trust me, there’s a deer hunting lesson here. If we take a close look at the quarterbacks of the NFL we would find that most of the good ones are...

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Are Trail Cameras Helping or Hurting You?

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By Dan Infalt In the last decade trail cameras have had a huge impact on deer hunting in the United States. With the placement of a camera in the woods we can now see what’s there when we are not. Cameras have helped...

Hunt Like Your Life Depends On It

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You say that you want to kill a deer. Or maybe it’s more deer. A bigger deer. THE deer. Whatever your goal is, I’m sure that if you’re reading this blog you must want to become a...

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