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Deer Hunting in Northern Michigan Part 2

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Before reading on, make sure you have seen Deer Hunting in Northern Michigan Part 1. As previously mentioned, Northern Michigan is not a land of sprawling corn fields and perfect fence row funnels that make patterning deer’s movement relatively predictable....

Are Deer Spooked By Dead Deer?

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My question is this. Have you ever seen a deer have an adverse reaction to the sight or smell of a dead deer in the near vicinity? For example, imagine shooting a doe in the morning. Would a buck avoid...

Deer Hunting in Northern Michigan

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It’s thick, it’s wet and it’s tough. It is “Stormy Kromer” hats, red flannel and buck poles in the pines. Northern Michigan typically is not what most people imagine when Midwest whitetail hunting comes to mind. But it is the...

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Deer Hunting Scent Control: Tip # 2

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One of the most important steps to scent control is eliminating human and other foreign odors from your clothing and hunting gear. One of the easiest ways to do this, is to just prevent your gear from coming into contact...

What To Do If You Gut Shot A Deer

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A gut shot deer, the hunters nightmare. It is never good news when you hit a deer in the gut, but it’s our job as hunters to make the best of a bad situation. So to be as brief as...

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