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Mental Preparation For The Hunt

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Hunting is much more than shooting a bullet or arrow into a deer. It is a mind game of epic proportions. The moment before you fire is a mind wrecking car accident of a feeling. Your heart is exploding out...

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Deer Hunting Scent Control: Tip # 3

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This past weekend I called to a buck at about 50 yards, but had to watch him trot away in the opposite direction after a doe. Five minutes later I noticed a dark shape in my peripheral vision off to...

Deer Hunting in Northern Michigan Part 2

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Before reading on, make sure you have seen Deer Hunting in Northern Michigan Part 1. As previously mentioned, Northern Michigan is not a land of sprawling corn fields and perfect fence row funnels that make patterning deer’s movement relatively predictable....

Are Deer Spooked By Dead Deer?

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My question is this. Have you ever seen a deer have an adverse reaction to the sight or smell of a dead deer in the near vicinity? For example, imagine shooting a doe in the morning. Would a buck avoid...

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