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Friday Morning Mashup 6/1/12

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June is here! It’s certainly a beautiful time of year as new crops are blanketing the fields with rippling waves of green, and new born fawns have or are dropping as we speak! Not only is it a gorgeous outside,...

Explanation of Why Johnny King Buck Is World Record

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Last year Deer & Deer Hunting magazine broke a controversial story claiming that a Wisconsin whitetail killed in 2006 by a Johnny King should be the new typical world record. Hysteria in the whitetail scoring world ensued and a chain...

Turkey Mad Men – Todd Pringnitz

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Today I’m excited to introduce you to one of our newest contributors, but someone many of you are probably already familiar with – Todd Pringnitz. Todd is the creator of the White Knuckle Productions DVD series, the Whitetails Inc web...

And The Food Plot Work Begins!

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And…..we’re off! With a bang this weekend, my food plot work began and we’re officially off to the races. Friday afternoon my shipment from Whitetail Institute arrived with about 2 acres worth each of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Winter Greens!...

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