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Food Plots On A Budget

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No matter how much land you have access to or how much money you have or don’t have- food plots are possible. They’re a terrific tool for hunting, a benefit to the local wildlife and a lot of fun to...

Friday Morning Mashup 6/8/12

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It’s been a busy week here on the Farm trying to get some food plots done and getting trail cameras out in the woods. Next up is some final stand preparation and a trip this weekend down to Ohio to...

Bowhunting Whitetails The Eberhart Way

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Today we’re welcoming Chris Eberhart on board as a new Wired To Hunt contributor. Chris is the author of four whitetail bowhunting books: Bowhunting Whitetails the Eberhart Way, Whitetail Access, Precision Bowhunting, and Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails.  His writing has also appeared...

Bucks Galore On Trailcam

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There’s nothing like pulling a trailcam card and seeing lots of antlers – especially after a long winter/spring without seeing any! I finally put out my trailcams for the summer with some mineral and BB2 in front of them last...

Brand New 2012 Sitka Gear Now Available

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The 2012 line of Sitka Gear is now available and with it comes a handful of new items that are sure to be of interest to the whitetail fanatics of the Wired To Hunt Nation. New this year are the...

The Boys of Summer Are Back

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One of my favorite times of year is officially here. Velvet season. With the calendar finally saying June, I really feel like we’re in summer and summer for me means preparing for the fall and glassing velvet whitetails. With lush...

Friday Morning Mashup 6/1/12

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June is here! It’s certainly a beautiful time of year as new crops are blanketing the fields with rippling waves of green, and new born fawns have or are dropping as we speak! Not only is it a gorgeous outside,...

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