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A New Group Of Hunters – Part I

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By Mark Huelsing What we now call “hunting”, was once called living.  This primal activity was not recreation, nor hobby.  Many of us say that we live to hunt, but for the greater part of human history man hunted to...

Friday Morning Mashup 8/3/12

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Happy Friday Wired To Hunt Nation! We know that your last minute hunting to-do lists are filling up quickly, but if you have a little free time this weekend, some high quality whitetail reading would probably do...

Three Whitetail Tasks To Complete In August

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60 days…1,440 hours…86,400 minutes…5,184,000 seconds. Any way you look at it, hunting season is quickly approaching. With August now here at our doorstep, the common October 1 archery opener for many states is a mere two months...

A Deer and Hunter’s Journey

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By Cody Altizer Human beings are naturally selfish, and you can’t really blame us for being so.  At the end of the day, just like any living creature, our first instinct is to survive.  Everything else, however, is done by...

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