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Explanation of Why Johnny King Buck Is World Record

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Last year Deer & Deer Hunting magazine broke a controversial story claiming that a Wisconsin whitetail killed in 2006 by a Johnny King should be the new typical world record. Hysteria in the whitetail scoring world ensued and a chain...

Turkey Mad Men – Todd Pringnitz

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Today I’m excited to introduce you to one of our newest contributors, but someone many of you are probably already familiar with – Todd Pringnitz. Todd is the creator of the White Knuckle Productions DVD series, the Whitetails Inc web...

And The Food Plot Work Begins!

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And…..we’re off! With a bang this weekend, my food plot work began and we’re officially off to the races. Friday afternoon my shipment from Whitetail Institute arrived with about 2 acres worth each of Imperial Whitetail Clover and Winter Greens!...

Friday Morning Mashup 5/18/12

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Happy Friday! The good times got kicked off a little early for me last night, as I had some buddies over to watch some of the new Realtree and Drury DVDs, have a cold beverage and set up a couple...

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