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Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review

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    Eleven and a half hours. Many miles hiked. 90 degree heat. Hundreds of bloody scratches. Ticks digging into my skin. Mosquitos swarming my face. If this sounds like a veritable hell on Earth to you, I’d have to...

More Early Summer Buck Pictures

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W2H Pro-Staff member Peter Lynch has been getting his moneys worth out of his trailcams this summer, with tons of great photos already uploaded online over the course of these early summer months. Every couple times he checks his cameras...

Heartland Bowhunter Season 4 Episode 1 Preview

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It’s back! Our good buddies over at Heartland Bowhunter are set to premiere their fourth season tonight at 8:30 EST on The Sportsman Channel and I’ve got to say that folks are in for a treat. I’ve been fortunate to get a...

Friday Morning Mashup 7/1/11

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Welcome to July folks! Hope you’ve all got fun plans for the 4th and that you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather we have coming our way. I’m particularly excited for this weekend because I get to head down...

Glendel Buck 3D Target Review

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As some of you know, about 6 months back I laid down some cash to buy myself a new 3D target! That target ended up being the much hyped GlenDel Buck. Now half a year and hundreds of arrows later,...

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