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Friday Morning Mashup (On A Monday) – 10/10/11

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No beating around the bushes today! It’s hunting season and you’ve got deer to kill! I’m no different, and being particularly busy last week I missed getting the Friday Morning Mashup online in time, so I figured I better still...

A Day With “Six Shooter”

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It started off like any other day in the woods might. Cool, crisp morning. A light wind from the North. And me, falling asleep in the treestand, head bobbing up down like a bobblehead. Luckily, soon after the sun peaked...

Friday Morning Mashup 9/30/11

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Lows of 34. Is that not a beautiful thing to hear for October 1? To make it even sweeter, that 34 degree temperature will be gracing us on the opening day of archery season here in Michigan. You can’t ask...

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