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Gear Review: Ozonics – HR-200

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NOTE: This article was written in the Spring of 2012. In the Spring of 2015, after four years of happily using an Ozonics machine with no affiliation, Ozonics and Wired To Hunt entered an official partnership. That said, no changes have been...

Gear Review: Muddy Hunter Pro Treestand

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If you spend 132 hours over the course of eleven straight days with someone, it’s safe to say you’ll really get to know them. And the same can be said for a tree stand. During the 2011 rut, I had...

The Top 10 Food Plot Mistakes We Make

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With March already upon us, believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about food plots! I’ve had some great experiences the last couple years planting plots on my various properties – but it’s safe to...

Friday Morning Mashup 2/24/12

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Some might call me crazy, but after spending a couple days in California this week – I was definitely ready to be back in the Midwest! I can’t deny that the weather was great, but if you love whitetails, rolling...

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