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New Covert Crossbows– What’s Different?

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Today we’ve got a guest post from renowned hunter Tim Herald, as he shares with us his thoughts on crossbow hunting and some news on the latest bows from Carbon Express. I personally have not used a crossbow, love my...

Friday Morning Mashup 10/14/11

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The “October Lull” is here, but success can still be had. So keep hunting hard and be smart. A few more weeks and things will really start kicking in gear. So if you have time, read up on the great...

How Do You Hunt “The October Lull”?

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The dreaded “October Lull” is just about upon us and from what I’ve heard personally, deer sightings are already on the decline. For those of you not familiar, the “October Lull” is a timeframe towards the middle of October, characterized...

Friday Morning Mashup (On A Monday) – 10/10/11

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No beating around the bushes today! It’s hunting season and you’ve got deer to kill! I’m no different, and being particularly busy last week I missed getting the Friday Morning Mashup online in time, so I figured I better still...

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