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Summer Field Scouting Tips for Whitetails

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  It’s definitely one of my favorite times of year as a deer hunter, as big ole velvet bucks start congregating in crops fields across the midwest. I’ve got permanent binocular rings around my eyes, my camera battery is perpetually...

Friday Morning Mashup 7/22/11

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It’s hot! But don’t let it bring you down. Plenty can be done inside to preapre for the fast approaching hunting season while still staying cool. Check over your equipment to make sure it’s in good shape, look at maps,...

A Buck Named Hubba Bubba

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W2H team-member Peter Lynch has been the king of the trailcam pictures for us this year so far, and he’s kept the hot streak going with a couple of giants on camera last week. The top picture is of a...

Choosing The Right Arrow – By Tim Herald

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I recently had the below article from, accomplished hunter, Tim Herald shared with me and I knew it was one that the W2H Nation should see. Whether you shoot Carbon Express, Easton, Gold Tip or your own wooden creations, understanding...

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