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Friday Morning Mashup 6/24/11

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I’m finally home after spending 4 days in San Francisco, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back in Michigan, driving down dirt roads and watching deer in the fields! San Fran is not too conducive to my kind...

Antler Growth Coming Along Well!

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It’s beginning! Mature bucks with promising antlers are starting to show up on trailcam and in fields for the W2H team-members. Above we’ve got a great looking Southern Michigan buck that my buddy Dustin caught on camera just down the road...

Should You Bowhunt in the Rain? Heck Yes.

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In the most recent issue of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, the question “should you bowhunt deer in the rain?” was posed to the readers. And within this article the topic was explored and several factors were mentioned that you should keep...

Friday Morning Mashup 6/17/11

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This week marked the beginning of my nightly drives through the country, camera and binoculars in hand, in search of velvet bucks! And man, I just love this time of year! Now that being said, my success has been limited...

Ask Heartland Bowhunter!

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Season 4 of Heartland Bowhunter is set to premiere in just a couple weeks on the Sportsman Channel and leading up to that, the HB crew wants to answer your most pressing questions! Interested in what the HB crew’s favorite...

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