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Friday Morning Mashup 3/18/11

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March Madness has officially begun, and already for me, it’s become March Sadness. My Michigan State Spartans lost a close one last night and I now have no reason to turn the TV on for the next 3 weeks. That...

Wired To Hunt On This Week’s Hunt Talk Podcast

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For the few of you that are somehow not sick of reading or hearing about my hunting adventures, I’ve got exciting news! I was recently interviewed by Peter Wood on the outdoor “podcast” (online radio show) Hunt Talk and this...

Friday Morning Mashup 3/11/11

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I’m writing to you tonight/this morning from a cramped airliner seat, within a stuffy old plane stranded in the middle of the Detroit Airport tarmac which is being pelted with 30 MPH winds, sleet and rain. It’s been four hours...

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