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Why Is It Called A G2?

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Good morning and happy Monday! I figured we could all use a little deer hunting trivia fact to start our weeks off right. So…Have you ever wondered why we refer to antler points on a deer as a G2, G3,...

Interview with Sean Wuller from Big & J Industries

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One of the core missions of Wired To Hunt has always been to share news and information about the newest technology and products in the hunting industry with the next generation of hunters. So I’m always particularly excited when I...

Trailcam Velvet At Last

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Last week a buddy and I trekked back into the corn, trailcams in tow while being flocked by mosquitos like we were the last damn mammals on the planet. We raced in to my honey hole, trimmed out a tree...

Interview with Dr. James Kroll

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Last night my local QDMA branch, here in South East Michigan, hosted a seminar featuring Dr. James C Kroll. Dr. Kroll is one of the worlds foremost experts on deer management and he has been a very influential voice in...

The Top 40 Hunters To Follow On Twitter

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The next generation of hunters have truly harnessed technology to build and keep in touch with the outdoors community. We share pictures, stories and news through forums, Facebook, email, blogs and text messages. But recently one new mode of communication...

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