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Deer Hunting Scent Control: Tip # 1

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“A whitetail’s nose is 4,000 times more effective at distinguishing scents then a human, according to Missouri Conservationist Online.” Wow. Stop and think about that. 4,000 times more effective?! I personally think that would be a rough life. With that...

Chuck Adams on Jumping the String

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Just to quickly revisit the issue of deer jumping the string, if you had any doubts about the magnitude of this issue, check out this video. Here is Chuck Adams, possibly the most accomplished bow hunter in the world, describing...

Mock Scrapes Basics

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You heard about the mock scrape while watching a hunting show last night, but not sure how to make one? Well it’s quite simple, so don’t stress out. Mock scrapes are great for motivating deer to spend more time in...

Gorilla Eye Treestand Light

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How many of you have gotten turned around when trying to walk to your stand real early in the morning? Well it has certainly happened to me and thats why the Gorilla Eye Treestand Light really caught my eye recently....

28 Point Buck From Illinois

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Another massive buck has been tagged in Illinois, this one was taken by Nate Webster in Moultrie County. Nate scored on the second day of the Illinois bow season from a treestand. Check out this rack! For more info you...

Bowhunting From A Ground Blind

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Believe it or not, it is possible to shoot a deer with a bow from the ground. There I said it. I know its not fashionable nor logical and it sure isn’t easy, but it can be done. I unfortunately...

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