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ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Camera

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Can’t get the day off of work but you still want to watch some deer feeding over the corn? Well you’re in luck and you have the ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Camera to thank! The folks at ESPN have set up...

Weekly Rut Report

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I’ve found two different places keeping track of the weekly rut report. On Versus Country’s website they have a map and comments from across the country to help you keep track of the rut. Over on Whitetail365, Scott Bestul has...

Animal Anatomy & Shot Choice w/ Dr. Bruce Engelby

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Here’s another great webisode from Optifade covering the basic anatomy of the deer kill zone and examples of different shot choices. Pretty basic stuff, but still good to always come back and really understand the anatomy of your quarry. For...

Singularity of Purpose – Cameron Hanes

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Think you’ve been training hard for this season of hunting? Think again. Watch this video of Cameron Hanes from the Under Armour Outdoors Pro Staff and you will immediately feel inadequate. His training regimen certainly is something to work towards!...

Man VS Deer

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It’s Monday and if you’re like me then you’re dragging just a little bit. So I am here to provide you with a little comic relief. Check out this story of a farmer who trys to rope a deer, feed...

More iPhone Apps for the Outdoorsman

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One of my first articles on Wired To Hunt, Tech Spotlight: iPhone Apps for the Outdoorsman, has proven to be a very popular article. People today, especially us young tech savvy folks, want to find new ways to use technology out...

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