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More iPhone Apps for the Outdoorsman

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One of my first articles on Wired To Hunt, Tech Spotlight: iPhone Apps for the Outdoorsman, has proven to be a very popular article. People today, especially us young tech savvy folks, want to find new ways to use technology out...

November Is Here!

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Well we’ve all been waiting for this, November is officially upon us!  There is no better month for deer hunting than this, so get out in the woods and hunt! The seeking/chasing phase is starting now for most of us...

Mental Preparation For The Hunt

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Hunting is much more than shooting a bullet or arrow into a deer. It is a mind game of epic proportions. The moment before you fire is a mind wrecking car accident of a feeling. Your heart is exploding out...

The New Hoyt Maxxis 31

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Looking for a new bow? You better check out this sneak peak of the new Hoyt Maxxis 31 done by Petersen’s Bowhunting Mag. This is Hoyt’s flagship product for 2010 and it looks like a  true deer slayer. Looks freak...

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