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32 Point Buck From Camp Riley, Minnesota

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Big bucks keep on dropping. This time a potential state record was arrowed in Minnesota. Reports say it could score atleast 228 nontypical inches. Scot O’Konek was the lucky fella to meet this brute in woods, congrats. For more info,...

First Day of Hunting!

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I am absolutely pumped because I am home in Michigan for the weekend to do my first hunting of the season! I’ll hopefully be posting pictures of at least a nice doe by tomorrow night. I’m waking up in about...

Jimmy Big Time – Dead Down Wind Commercial

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Here’s some comedic relief for ya on this Wednesday Hump day. Here’s a clip originally posted on Whitetail365, of the making of Jimmy Big Time’s Dead Down Wind. Pretty funny stuff. My favorite lines? “A little jimmy squirt in every...

The PSE Bow Madness

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After a lot of  research, long sleepless nights and one doomed bonus paycheck, I have made my decision. I am buying the PSE Bow Madness bow. A reported 326 feet per second IBO speed right off the bat got my...

Baby Got Rack – PSE Video

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Well here is your YouTube gem of the day. PSE posted this video back in September and I’m not sure what to say about it. It’s both painful and slightly entertaining. It’s definitely ridiculous…But more importantly what are your thoughts?...

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