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Mental Preparation For The Hunt

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Hunting is much more than shooting a bullet or arrow into a deer. It is a mind game of epic proportions. The moment before you fire is a mind wrecking car accident of a feeling. Your heart is exploding out...

The New Hoyt Maxxis 31

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Looking for a new bow? You better check out this sneak peak of the new Hoyt Maxxis 31 done by Petersen’s Bowhunting Mag. This is Hoyt’s flagship product for 2010 and it looks like a  true deer slayer. Looks freak...

Deer Hunting Scent Control: Tip # 3

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This past weekend I called to a buck at about 50 yards, but had to watch him trot away in the opposite direction after a doe. Five minutes later I noticed a dark shape in my peripheral vision off to...

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