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In “Moments With Six Shooter”, founder, Mark Kenyon uses a collection of short stories to clearly illustrate that there is much more to a hunt than the simple act of heading into the wild and killing wild game. After the first step out the door, but before the inevitable shot, there are moments in between. There are moments that make the story what it was and that molded the hunter who told it. There is sure to be a story within the story, of hardship and of growth, of thrill, despair and maybe sorrow. The real story, the one not often told, lies in those moments in between, those brief flickers of reality, which sometimes can take hold for an eternity.

This is the story of Kenyon’s three year hunt for a once in a lifetime buck, and those moments in between.

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“Rules of the Rut ” is a premium eBook focused 100% on rut related insights for the avid whitetail hunter. Included are over 40 pages of non-stop rut fueled whitetail tips, tricks and strategies to make sure you tag your buck this year. This compilation of rut inspired articles covers all facets of the whitetail rut and hunting styles, and can be applicable to both private and public land hunters across all regions that whitetails inhabit.

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