Feasting on corn

Feasting on corn

I just ran across an article in the Dallas Morning News discussing a number of ways hunters, fisherman and outdoors enthusiasts can save some money and gas this year while dealing with these tough economic times…

Fuel costs are a major issue, but so is the cost of everything else, partly due to increased shipping expenses. Ammunition has risen steeply since last hunting season. Even the cost of shelled corn has skyrocketed as hunters compete with ethanol production. I’ve heard corn prices as high as $10 for a 50-pound bag. That’s double last year’s cost.”

The author went on to recommend such money saving tips as car pooling, buying corn and other bait in bulk and loading your own cartridges.

This article’s definitely worth a read and it also corresponded very closely with another piece I just read in the recent North American Whitetail magazine, entitled “Make It Happen,” from the Antler Talk column. This article discussed the possibility that the number one threat to hunting across America could be the rising cost of our sport. Inflation has hit everything from gear, to hunting leases to licenses. The author essentially said that yes, the cost of hunting is rising, but so is everything else, so just deal with it. Examples of ways to deal with this inflation were to utilize public land and just to be plain innovative.

It really is unfortunate that so many of the costs associated with hunting are rising so quickly, but like both of these articles emphasized, we can find ways to make the best of the situation. Check out the article from the Dallas Morning News at DallasNews.com for some great tips and if you have any other money saving ideas, feel free to share them with the rest of the Wired To Hunt community.