Buck in velvet

Well I am back in Michigan after a 4 month stint in Europe and New York City and it is nice to be able to see trees and animals again! As I previously mentioned, I’ve been looking to upgrade my bow in some areas, and yesterday I revamped my bow with a Whisker Biscuit rest, Tru-Glo site, Sims Stabilizer and new Carbon Express arrows. But I’ll talk a little bit more about those later.

Yesterday I had an exciting encounter when I took a walk through my land. I bumped two different pairs of a does and fawns and was able to watch another 4 doe and 3 fawns browsing in another area of the timber. But what I was most excited about was my next encounter. As I followed our stream through some thick grass and brush, I was surprised to see a large deer step from around the bend of the stream. I immediately crouched down low and watched as a 10 point buck and an 8 point buck walked down the stream towards me. The two bucks, still in velvet, walked to within literally 5 feet of me before noticing something strange was crouched next to them.  They quickly turned, and hopped onto the opposite shore and headed back into the brush. But this was a really exhilirating experience, as I had a 10 point buck come  face to face with me at about 5 feet. Needless to say, I’m excited for bow season! More on my new gear to come later!