05 PM on Nov. 15

I dropped this beautiful 7 pointer at 5:05 PM on Nov. 15

Well I had a great opening day of the 2008 Firearm Season in Michigan!


Saturday evening, Nov 15th, I set up in a stand on a peninsula on our land that cuts into a nasty swamp and follows our stream. I sat looking down parallel to this stream edge, where a deer path runs towards a neighboring field. A little after 5:00 PM,  I briefly saw a dark shape materialize and then disappear into some cattails walking away from me at about 70 yards. I turned over my doe bleat can call once. Five seconds later the deer had turned around and walked back out of the cattails, right to me. I immediately realized that this was a buck. He moved in to about 25 yards in front of me and stopped to look around for the doe. Although he was close, I could not shoot because there were tree branches in between me and him. He then started to walk to the right of me. This was also a problem, because in this stand I can not turn enough to shoot to the right at all. Luckily I had thought about this problem before hand, and had practiced what to do in this situation. As he walked parallel to me, I slowly stood up and turned to face behind me. He started to walk away from me into the cattails again, and I briefly panicked, worrying that I would miss out on a shooting opportunity. I decided to try my doe in estrus can call one more time, but since I was shaking so much, the call sounded nothing like it should! None-the-less, the deer returned on his path paralleling the stream and presented me with a good quartering away shot.  As he walked out from behind a tree, I stopped thinking and instict kicked in. I rested my rifle on my arm rest, settled the cross hairs behind his shoulder and let the cannon loose. The buck dropped right where he stood. I had double lunged him and destroyed his neural plexus which controls the motor movements of the deer. I kept my scope on his ear for a couple minutes, as I watched to make sure he didn’t try getting up again. Once I felt safe that he was finished, I stood up shaking in excitement and disbelief. I silently celebrated, thanked the Lord and then smoked my victory cigar.

Here are some pics of my 7 point buck. Hope you all have similar luck soon!

Opening day buck.

Opening day buck.


I hit him a touch high and just behind the shoulder. Dropped him in his tracks.