lansing-deer-turkey-specYesterday was a nice treat as I got to visit the annual Deer & Turkey Spectacular in Lansing, Michigan. Just as I begin to wonder if the snow will ever melt, I check this out and can’t wait to get out in the cold again and chase some swamp bucks! The “Spectacular” had much of what you would expect from this type of show. There was the obligatory wall of trophy buck mounts, rows of outfitters and guides parading their services and lots of neat new hunting tech booths as well. There seemed to be a good variety of seminars offered over the course of the weekend but I unfortunately I wasn’t able to make any of them. 

As I strolled the aisles I came upon a booth for one of my favorite hunting shows online. The Slunger Hollow Productions booth really got me excited, as I am a huge fan of “Buckeye Cam Presents Fair Chase Encounters”. Two years ago I watched an episode of this show every morning before going to class in the fall and I really believe it helped me bag my buck that year. What I like about this series is that they really highlight important steps and tips throughout the episode, rather than just showing quick kills of huge deer. It just seems very real and very insightful. I also really liked the fact that they use primarily archery equipment in the Midwest, which is very similar to what I do. If you want to check out Fair Chase Encounters you can check out their website or search for them on