I’ve mentioned these before, but Deer & Deer Hunting is offering a really cool resource in these online seminars that you can either sign up to participate in or watch at a later date. They are essentially online lectures on a certain deer hunting topic. D & DH is definitely the most scientific and technical deer hunting resource I have found, so I highly reccomend any type of information they are putting out there. I plan on checking one of these out soon.

Here is some info on the upcoming October 8th webinar.

• 9 p.m. Eastern / 8 p.m. Central

• Topic: Lunar Rut Predictions: The Foremost Expert on Deer Rutting Activity Helps You Plan for the Rut

• Expert: Charlie AlsheimerDeer & Deer Hunting magazine author, noted deer biology and behavior authority

• Description: Outside of actually being a deer, you aren’t going to be more in tune with the rut than with Charlie Alsheimer’s predictions. You will know the best times to hunt with his sagely insights. You’ve only got a limited time to spend in the field. Make the best of it.

• Cost: $12.99/one hour live interactive session.
(includes FREE 2009 rut calendar download, a $4.99 value)

• Register for this session here. (spots are limited)

Also here is an example of how these webinars unfold…