“Shooting a RAGE is like throwing an axe at an animal”- Chuck Adams, World-Class Hunter

So whats with all the hype? I feel like everyone and there kid brother is using Rage broadheads these days or atleast talking about them. I’m curious, I admit, to see if these things really do blow 2 inch holes through a deer and create blood trails so huge that even your half blind great aunt could follow it. Before I drop my hard earned cash on these things I’ve had to delve into them a little bit more and it only seems fair to share my findings with all of you.

So first lets look at what the manufacturer says in their own words…Here is the description of how the much acclaimed “SlipCam” works and why it makes the Rage so deadly.

“Upon impact, the SlipCam™ initiates and the blades slide back and deploy from the rear. By the time the blades impact, they are fully deployed.

Once the “shoulders” of the blades catch, they slip down shaft. Each blade cams out, deploying from the rear while the cut-on-impact tip penetrates the hide. Before the blades reach the hide, they are fully deployed, even hyper extended… giving you a maximum cutting diameter.

3 Advantages! The revolutionary SlipCam™ Rear Blade Deployment System gives you…

1. Guaranteed fully deployed Blades

High-speed footage of over-the-top heads show the blades do not fully open until after they enter. RAGE’s rear-deploying blades are guaranteed to be fully deployed before they enter which means you’ll get the benefit of the heads full cutting diameter!

2. No loss of kinetic energy

Because RAGE’s blades are fully deployed on impact they penetrate like a fixed-blade head. Over-the-top expandables lose kinetic energy due to deployment during entry and deflection.

3. Eliminate deflection

An angled hit with an over-the-top expandable can result in the leading blade grabbing first and throwing the head off line… RAGE’s rear deploying blades follow the cut-on-impact tip and will not grab or deflect and give you full cutting diameter on impact!”

This all sounds good, but it is straight from the guys making money on this one. So I wanted to see what other people had to say. After checking out forums and product reviews on Cabelas the consensus was still pretty popular. Lots of talk about the massive holes and awesome blood trails. Seems that penetration is really great for the most part as well. But there were also mentions of issues with the o-rings and some peoples front tips were bending upon impact. So there were some concerns I want to check on.

For the most part I like what I hear, but seeing is believing, so here are some pictures and videos that really tell the story.

Due to the graphic nature of almost all the videos and pictures that really show what the Rage can do, I have decided not to post them directly on the main page. But follow these links to check out some gnarly images of the damage the Rage can cause. Warning these are GRAPHIC. Please don’t visit these links unless you are truly comfortable with seeing dead deer. These images are not to celebrate gore, but rather to show how effective and humane of a killing tool these broadheads can be.

Wound Pictures From the 2 blade Rage broadhead

More Wound Pics

Uncensored footage from Rage website – watching these videos put me over the edge

These things are nasty. But they work and it seems like they are the most devastating broadheads out there. What this means in the end  is that the deer will perish as quickly as is possible, ensuring a swift, humane and responsible kill. And that is what’s most important to me.

All this being said, I plan on picking up some Rage broadheads soon. Once I return to Michigan and give them a try, I’ll let you know what I think.

More importantly, I’d really like to hear what you have to say! How do you guys like the Rage broadheads?

UPDATE 11/11/09: Check out my thoughts on the Rage after using one to bring down a buck this past weekend.