19 point buck

TwistedX from the Deer & Deer Hunting forums shared this great story of his cousins harvesting of a monster Ohio buck. Here’s a story we all wish we could have been a part of.

On Oct. 1st 2009 My cousin Nick got home from a stressful day at work and decided he wanted to go hunting to cool off. He grabbed his Horton Yukon SL cross bow and headed for his stand. He lives in SW Ohio and hunts just 300 yards from his back door. He had purchased the property eight years ago and built a house on the rectangular ten acres that has two hundred foot of road frontage and two hundred and 50 foot of property that backs up to the Little Miami River. He had put out corn and a salt block for four years now and that is the place he spends the majority of his hunting time on. He built a stand out of wood that is large enough for two and has a rail all the way around. The stand was built in a large sycamore with plenty of cover all around. He  cut two good shooting lanes based on the property line and the area the deer have generally spent most of their time. His quad path and Property line pass within 10 feet from the base of the tree. The stand is situated to face toward the corn and salt which is further inward on the property than the stand is.

Nick had seen two nice bucks running together for a couple months now but never seen them on his property. In the past he has harvested a few nice buck off the property using various techniques like calling and decoying. On Oct. 1st he chose to leave everything at home and to just sit, besides the weather wasn’t all that great it was windy and the on and off rain was not making this evening very enjoyable. He even thought about getting down and going into the house three seperate times. As the deer began to move and things started to liven up a bit he chose to stay. A decision he will never forget and value. At approximately 6:50 he noticed movement on the quad path and then noticed the large 8pt buck under his stand. His blood pressure rose, his heart was pounding, adrenaline rushed through his body and he began to prepare for a shot when the bruiser walked into his lane,  but then he noticed the other buck that was following the 8pt. He couldn’t seem to make out the exact number of points he just knew he is larger than the 8pt that he first saw. Now flipping out thinking to himself how far is that,  how big is he, right behind the shoulder, right behing the shoulder.

He took his shot and the deer jumps, takes off like a bullet and runs for the back property line. Nick sat in his stand for a while trying to figure out what just happened. A monster buck just walked under his stand and he was able to get a shot off and a good one at that. After half an hour he got down and slowly made his way to the house. Once he got there he decided to eat some dinner and discuss the events with his wife and family. It was  more like yell and gasp for air while he  screamed, ” I just shot a monster”. After dinner he took out his favorite tracking light, his family and a couple friends and went looking for the deer. Together they tracked him two hundred yards with a substantial blood trail when it dried up. Beginning to get worried he may have lamed the deer or may not find the super large buck he shot earlier that evening. Feeling sick to his stomach he was frantically searching the creek banks hoping he didn’t float down the river.

Suspiciously he shined a log at the bottom of the bank, looked away and then shined it two or three more times again until he was close enough to get a good look at the leg. Estatic,  he rushed down the bank grabbed the deer and proceeded to ask for help to pull him out of the creek. As you’ll notice the deer was huge not just in the rack or antler he also had tons of weight and body mass.
They dragged the deer up the hill and he began to gather pictures and thoughts, while attempting to speak. The deer was a total 216 in rough score, 21 inches wide and 19 pts. The one, the only, “THE MONSTER”

Awesome deer TwistedX. As you all start bagging your own bucks, we would love to feature them on Wired To Hunt. Email your stories and pics to wiredtohunt(at)gmail.com

Good luck out there! May you do as well as “Cousin Nick”!